RB of the webcomic Crezure made a version of this image for us as you can see here at Exiern but at the very last stage, the blood was missing.

I thought it might have been an artistic decision at the last minute along the lines of thinking the image worked better without it but it turns out that the artist forgot to put it in for the last stage of the artwork.

I could have swapped the image or perhaps I should have just swapped the other image for the week to Monday while waiting for an answer on why the blood was omitted at the last stage but … well, I didn’t for some reason.

Anyway, as it happens, I’m still debating which version was more appropriate for the setup. What do you guys think?

Original dimensions are 2400×3724 pixels here but this has been resized to fit display by WordPress. Opening the image in a new window or tab or downloading it should display it at full size.

Yes, it says unrated director’s cut and this site only hosts the the safe (or at least safer images versus the Comic Fury mirror) but it is still Clueless!

The image at the Comic Fury mirror site has been resized to 1200×1862 because that site does not rescale the image to fit the display and can be seen there, along with almost all past voting incentives and other bonus images, both SFW and NSFW (September 2020 Top Webcomics voting incentives will go up next month on the Comic Fury mirror site only).

This is the only update to the voting incentive archives for October 2020. Hopefully we will see you all next month!