This image was uploaded here at 2752×2000 pixels and at the Comic Fury mirror site at 1100×800 pixels. This is because WordPress scales the image down before display but Comic Fury deliberately does not.

Now were going to see from the following counterparts to this and the earlier images why the Comic Fury mirror earned its nudity tag so a warning that decidedly not safe to work (NSFW!) images to follow.

Welcome to the continuation of a run of images from Exiern’s first participation in the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive back in 2017 which you can learn more about at the link.

This image was used on the main Exiern site here.

We definitely wanted to use the combined image somewhere publicly where everyone could see it to get at least some idea of what the overall image and theme was.

It was also trying to convey the idea that these public images happened a few seconds after the voting incentives and Patreon only images by being made much for safe to work (at least relatively speaking) when the candles went out. We used a similar principle the following year as well.

Art by Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana.

It’s also thanks to Sean and these ‘after the candle went’ out images that I learned what chiaroscuro meant (and that it was a word in the first place – so much for two years of Italian at university! I guess, though it’s not something that necessarily comes up in typical conversation in either English or Italian).