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For a story set in a realm full of magical happenings making the otherwise impossible possible, for a variety of reasons this of all things is the least likely to happen. Still, over the years, people have requested variations on this theme and … well, here we are.

You might have picked up that it was based on a very famous historical reference. We also possibly return to this particular well just a few times in the years ahead.

Yet another page from Professor Etheric of Autumn Bay. Once again, highly recommended.

This page ran as a voting incentive for Exiern on Top Webcomics in December 2017. The dimensions on the main WordPress site are 3000×763 but are 990×252 as WordPress scales the image for display but Comic Fury deliberately does not.

In this case, that makes things a bit hard to read here. You can either go across to Comic Fury or read the dialogue below if it’s too difficult to make out in the image.

From left to right:

“If you’ve been paying any attention, you’ll know how unlikely this is.”

“By the same token, this is less so.”

“As is this.”

“Once again, if you were paying attention, actually this already happened. Well, technically close enough, anyway.”

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